HAA Gallery Features Boatman Library

Barn, watercolor study by Joe Hubbard

Joe Hubbard's Barn study with Dale Boatman

The Dale Boatman Library is a mainstay of the HAA Art Gallery/Art Room. Dale Boatman was one of the founding members of the Association back in the sixties. He was employed on Fort Huachuca as a graphic artist and was a professional watercolor artist as well. He and a small group of artists gathered their love of art and wanted to share and teach various art media with other aspiring artists. Dale taught extensively in this area of Arizona and his watercolor students are now nation wide. His students remember the extensive study materials he offered along with the research and study materials he supplied in each of his watercolor workshops.

This vast collection of reference photos, lesson plans, and sample paintings are now housed in the HAA Art Gallery. Any member of the HAA has permission to check out his materials for their study and paint with his lessons. Recently a new member, Joe Hubbard, visited the Library and volunteered to collate the materials into a more user-friendly notebooks. Thanks Joe! Members are invited to spend some time thumbing through the collection and challenge themselves with a landscape painting lesson of Dale’s.

HAA Member

HAA Member, Joe Hubbard

Dale’s personal collection is just half of the Dale Boatman Library. The other half are the ART BOOKS! He was an avid collector of art history books, art teaching books on watercolor, oil, pastel, drawing media. All are available for members to check out for reading and practicing their art styles.

One of the benefits of this library on art books is that they are timeless. They may have some older editions but in art we can learn from the old masters of art history and the teaching of media techniques are always timely. A members time spent visiting this library will be filled with possibilities for your own artistic journey.

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